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Leading By Example: Campaign Finance Reform

Leading By Example: Campaign Finance Reform


By: Brad Peacock

As many of you are aware, one of the most corrupt aspects of our election system today is money in politics. Campaign finance reform is desperately needed on a national level, but much of Congress has proven to be complicit in this corruption. Elected officials from both parties take obscene amounts of money from corporations and wealthy individuals while we (the people they are meant to represent) are left to believe this has no influence over their decision-making once in Congress.

Since the disastrous Citizens United decision in 2010 we have seen the erosion of transparency and accountability in our election system. Super PACs and PACs have been set up to support candidates without having to disclose their donors, while billions of dollars have been spent by corporate America to buy its way into our government for power and influence over the laws and policies that affect us all.

We must do more to rid the political process of candidates who take money from Super PACs, PACs and corporations. Work as an elected official is public service, which is an honor that should not be taken lightly, and that means your loyalty should be to the people you represent. By now we know that Congress as a whole does not have the will to implement any new laws regarding campaign finance reform, so it is up to us, the electors, to step in and make our voices heard.

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